The long-awaited meeting ...

With the one who would guide her every week to reveal this gift to her, would sharpen her gaze, the one who would detect this unusual pencil stroke.


It was after following the sea departures of the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe that MN Métel ...



A field of creation dear to the artist, opening the doors to a fascinating and unexpected universe ...



A unique process highlighting a printing technique without engraving ...



Beyond the tragic dimension reigning in the heart of the arena, the aesthetic dimension will have seduced the artist ...

luz y sombra.jpg


"The strength of the human body is confronted here with the weakness of the soul ...


Lead mine

"The strength of the human body is confronted here with the weakness of the soul ...

Charpey, Drôme III.jpg

This man, Mr. Ract-Madoux, his Master, added to it the taste for perseverance, the passion for this rigorous technique in order not to betray anything.

Yet the Talent was not chosen as master of life. The years go by. Certain encounters shake, mark, encourage. Until Marie-Noëlle Métel found this momentum once broken down.

She then reconnects with this Talent she had to do without. He waited, confident, faithful, intact, quick to guide his hand, now accompanying her passions, offering to express them with that freedom so prized that the mastery of the line is authorized .

The work then falls in love with the duality between shadow and light, strength and beauty, ardor and gentleness, power and fragility.

Hélène de Montgolfier, "Poseur de Mots".

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