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2022 -2023

Explore new mediums, try the experience without fear of making a mistake, overcome your artistic prejudices... Workshops to share, learn, progress, and strengthen your achievements.

Artistic meetings
Ancre Rendez-vous

The quarter

Weekly sessions on friday

- 10 sessions of 2 hours -

Dry pastel,Watercolor 

Registration opened for the 3rd quarter

A la carte

Once a month,wednesday and saturday

- 3 hours sessions -

Any technique

On reservation

Ateliers Huile alla prima.jpg

"Alla prima"oil

Ateliers Pastel sec_edited.png

Dry pastel



Atelier lavis monochrome.jpg

Monochrome wash

pomme de pin.jpg

Botanical drawing

Atelier Dessin.jpg


but also...
Ancre stages
Croquis nature Drôme Jardin zen d'Erik Borja, Palais du Facteur Cheval, Art et Patrimoine Romans-sur-Isère

Nature sketch

Dessin de feuilles

Spring internships

Palette de peintres

Private lessons

palette pictogramme
L'Art à offrir
Art to offer ...
Painting class gift card

To offer or  just to have fun

think about the


K'ART Gift

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